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Natural Gas

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Product- 100% Simply Right

DMV Solar Solutions

For customers interested in minimizing their carbon footprint we offer 100% Simply Right, which is 100% carbon offset. The average 100% Simply Right customer helps avoid 10,707 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually and 2,676 pounds of carbon emissions avoided annually.

That Has the Same Impact As –

  • Recycling 19,491 2-liter plastic bottles.
  • Planting 31 tree seedlings that grow for 10 years.
  • Not using 136 gallons of gasoline.

How it works-

Natural gas is a clean-burning fossil fuel. Natural gas is stored underground and travels through pipelines to storage and distribution facilities. From there, it’s connected to the smaller lines that are connected to your home or business where it lights your pilot light and you use it to cook or heat your home. Natural gas is measured in units such as cubic feet (ccf). The average monthly natural gas usage ranges between 21 – 175 cubic feet.

Price- Flexible product options and free enrollment

There are no fees to enroll for any of our plans and it takes just minutes to get started. We offer several rate plans for our electricity and natural gas customers, so you can select the plan that is right for you, whether you are looking for savings, price certainty or flexibility. We also give you ways to increase your commitment to sustainability through products that supply a higher percentage of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets.

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